I am not trying to make a political statement here. Just an observation about how Christianity is viewed by many in our culture. Any comments?

This is from the transcript of Thursday evenings MSNBC broadcast that I discussed in the previous post:

ZELNICK: ..."So I think George Bush reinforced last night the opinion that many people had about him, that he is a man of great conviction and great faith..."

O‘DONNELL: Well, but most Americans do not have that kind of simpleminded faith.

George Bush‘s God is a very strange God. This is a God who wants everyone to be free. That‘s a very, very peculiarly frustrated God. That is a God that has been apparently frustrated for centuries in George Bush‘s imagination.

BUCHANAN: Ever since the Garden of Eden.

O‘DONNELL: Well, this is a God—this is also a God who gives the gift of freedom. He says that‘s a gift from the almighty, that the Afghan people got this gift from the almighty this year.

What was George Bush‘s God doing to those people up to now? You see, that‘s the problem with this. For very simpleminded religious people, that stuff works. That is a minority of the American population, who have a more sophisticated view of God, those who accept it.

(a few moments later)

O‘DONNELL: The danger of simplification is that God wants him to do what he is doing. God wants people to be free; therefore, I, George Bush, will free them. That‘s a dangerous political implication.


Blogger Jan said...

Just yesterday, I read a similar exchange from Bill Maher on the Larry King show. Here it is:
CALLER: "Hi, thank you for taking my call. Here's my question. Other than who we vote for and keeping respect for everyone's beliefs, Bill, I'm wondering how you think we can work to restore a separation of church and state?"

MAHER: "Restore it, that's a good point. I think we have -- I hate to sound like a broken record. It has to take place at the top. When you have a president who is this openly religious and this openly contemptible, in contempt, rather, of the separation of church and state, I don't think anything is going to change until that changes.

"This is a man who proudly says that Jesus picked him to be president. You said something about you have to respect people's beliefs. I know that's what we always hear, we have to respect. I'm sorry, I don't. I don't respect religion. I don't respect superstitious thinking, which is what religion is. I don't respect childish thinking, which is what religion is.

"We talked about this before, this whole gay issue wouldn't even be an issue except it says it in the Bible. The Bible, that book that has people lived to be 900 years old and says the world is 6,000 years old, and that there are people who lived in a whale. That infallible work of genius and slavery is OK. You should stone a guy to death if he works on Sunday. That's the book that says, sorry no queers.

"So I'm sorry, I don't respect people who believe in religion. I was religious when I was a kid. We all had dumb stuff drilled into our head. It doesn't mean when you get to be an adult you can't drill it out. I tell you something else they drilled into my head when I was a kid, mercury in my cavities. We found out later mercury is so bad we shouldn't even eat it when there is a trace of it in fish. But it was drilled into my teeth. So when I got older, I had it drilled out. You can do the same thing with religion."

The first thing I thought when I read your post about "where was God" is: Where were WE? If they don't believe in God, do they believe WE should help? Should anyone help? If they don't think so, I'm guessing they are ammoral. Even assuming God is not God, something should be done. The attack was incomplete because it did not suggest a better solution.

As one who believes in God and His sovereign power, I do not think Bush is goofy. I hope we will all be in fervent prayer for our country and the peoples' selection of a leader.

12:35 PM  
Blogger sean said...


thanks for dropping by again. Wow, that Bill Maher quote is pretty over the top. This is coming from a guy whose candidate spends every Sunday morning "preaching" from the pulpits of black churches in the South. So on one hand I guess it is okay to DEMAND a seperation of church and state if you are a democrat, and on another hand it is ok to pander to minority groups. The liberals tell us that "it is dangerous to mix religion with politics."
Check this one out:

I trust a leader who consistently and openly talks about his relationship with his God more than a candidate who changes his message depending on which group is listening

As a fellow believer in the Sovereign God, I know that whomever we choose to be our President, God will have His will done. My prayer is that our nation chooses the candidate who respects life, protects religious freedom for all, and acknowledges the Creator.

9:25 AM  

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